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Our Community, Our Future

The job of the Leander ISD school board is to provide a clear way forward, especially in times of uncertainty. We should be focusing on the core values that unite us and not allow ourselves to be divided by our differences.

As a candidate for the Leander ISD Board of Trustees, Place 4, Jeff Johnson is the leader our community needs to steer us toward a promising future. Jeff’s professional experience includes bringing together organizations from across Greater Austin to identify their shared beliefs and pursue a common goal, while honoring the value systems of each. 

Jeff’s Formula for Clarity

We are living in uncertain times, with polarizing and complex problems before us. Our district’s leaders cannot promise with certainty what is coming next. When certainty isn't an option, clarity is the next best thing. So when dealing with the COVID-19 response and other rapidly evolving situations, the Board needs to make decisions, communicate clearly and avoid surprises.

As a school board member, Jeff Johnson can’t promise certainty – no one can – but he does promise to lead with clarity. Because people can only follow you when they know where you’re going.

Jeff's Promises

Strong leadership takes work, and good leaders don’t just depend on their own experience. As a trustee, Jeff Johnson will represent the Families, Educators and Businesses in our district by listening to concerns, making decisions based on thorough research and planning with a visionary mindset.

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